Audience of One

Audience of One resource is designed to EQUIP the local church & men’s groups to do evangelism.

We are starting with golf & rugby and look forward to announching other streams soon

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

AC Milan's Kaka falls to his knees after winning the Champions League final
Photo ©: Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach, 2007

I can remember it like yesterday, the moment Brazil’s super star forward: Kaka after winning the 2002 World Cup and the 2007 Champions League with his club AC Milan. As the final whistle went, he dropped to his knees, removed his top and revealed to the world a message that echoed around the globe for millions to see: “I belong to Jesus.”
It truly was incredible and got so many football fans talking about it.


Below are a collection of FREE these resources to use and we would be honoured to partner with you helping you organise your events, anyway we can, please get in touch.

As well as being great evangelism opportunities I think the stories we capture with this project will help and encourage every Christian guy who watches them.

Back to the Kaka story…

Imagine the accountant who spends all day crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, desperately trying to get everything to tally up in a hundred different ways, before that final moment when everything is balanced and checked perfectly. He bursts out of his desk cubicle doing what some might call a ‘run’. Slides down the office floor on his knees with his arms raised and his shirt pulled over his head, as he reveals the gospel message on a pre designed ‘vest-like’ top – yelling “YES all for you Jesus!”

This doesn’t happen, but yet God has called us to live our everyday for Him as his sons – EVERYMAN | EVERYDAY | EVERYWHERE so let’s do that with everything we have and see some of our unsaved mates come to Jesus along the way!


The perfect opportunity to do evangelism for men.

It takes around 4 hours to play, guys will talk and open up as they walk and play, it’s normally a given that you eat together afterwards and let’s face no matter how good or bad it’s at least a day/half a day away from work.

In 2019 Northern Ireland hosts The Open Championship and the eyes of the world will be glued to incredible scenery of Royal Portrush and the surrounding North Coast. What a great opportunity and time for churches to run your own Golf Day in your local golf club, target unsaved guys who enjoy the game and invite them.

Put on some prizes, raise money for a local cause/charity, enjoy a meal together and share the gospel in a way that engages with everyone. We want to help you do this, to make it the best you can make it so don’t worry if you’ve never done this before, we have experts in the game who can partner with you in making it a very worthwhile event to do.


Share THESE with the men in your men's group and church

Check out 4-time winner on the PGA Tour Aaron Baddeley’s testimony, it communicates the gospel of Jesus in an incredible way.
Aaron talks all things golf, his top 3 courses in the world, how he got into the game and most importantly how he lives everyday for Jesus - his Audience of One.

Check out our one-off Audience of One event with former Open Champion Stewart Cink, other events to be announced.

Our friends at Christian in Sport have produced an incredible Sports Quiz with some unique rounds which can be used for Sports Fans and we have included a few rounds of our own courtesy of 2 time Masters Champion – Bernhard Langer.
Christians in Sport is a movement of competitors, coaches and officials. They exist to reach the world of sport for Jesus.


Rugby World Cup Japan 2019

Running from mid-September to the beginning of November the 2019 Rugby World Cup comes from Japan and offers another great opportunity for reaching guys with the gospel.

Due to the time difference all the games are in the morning time here in the UK and with a few eye water fixtures on a couple of Saturdays – it presents a great opportunity to enjoy a large screen showing at your church or in another venue.

With all the games being on free-to-air TV all you need to insure is the premises have an up-to-date TV Licence, add to the mix plenty of saturated fat – on a plate (Ulster Fry), and you have yourself a winning combination to reach men who maybe wouldn’t normally engage with your church.


Share THESE with the men in your men's group and church

We have produced a great video for you to use with Ulster and Ireland star – Jacob Stockdale who is heading to Japan for his first Rugby World Cup.
Jacob talks about his career to date, winning the Grand Slam, that try against the All Blacks and most importantly his faith in Jesus.

Our friends at Christian in Sport have produced an incredible Sports Quiz with unique rounds specific to the Rugby World Cup which you could use during your breakfast/screening event.
Christians in Sport is a movement of competitors, coaches and officials. They exist to reach the world of sport for Jesus.


16 July 2019

Join us for an evening with Open Champion Stewart Cink. In 2019, The Open returns to the shores and fairways of Royal Portrush for the first time in 68 years.

This will be an event like no other, with the eyes of the sporting world firmly fixed on the North Coast of Northern Ireland for a week in July.

As part of this historic event we invite you to an evening with 2009 Open Champion - Stewart Cink. Join Stewart and one or two other guests (announced soon) as he talks all things golf, life, winning The Open and most importantly how he lives each day for an Audience of One.

This is an informal & fun night for all fans of golf.


We'll have plenty to keep you and your guests entertained with indoor SWING BAYS & some refreshments before the main event kick's off at 7:30pm:

6:00pm - REFRESHMENTS & ACTIVITIES (outdoor)

7:00pm - DOORS OPEN

7:30pm - MAIN EVENT

9:15pm - FINISH

Activities continue outside until 10pm


Causeway Coast Vineyard

10 Hillmans Way, Coleraine, BT52 2ED

Price: £10*

The minimum amount of tickets you can buy is 2.

The reason for this: we want you to invite someone, a mate, a colleague, someone you play golf with and/or maybe they wouldn't normally engage with the story and gospel of Jesus - this is the perfect event to invite them to.

So why not take a leap of faith and just ask!

All ticket proceeds going to local charities as chosen by Stewart.


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